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Preserving your silver.

Often autumn weather brings with it more moisture as well as a quicker tarnish rate on our favorite sterling silver jewelry. Although a tarnished look may suit some vintage jewelry, most frequently worn pieces look better shined up and glossy.

Want to avoid spending every night meticulously polishing your jewels and accessories?

Here are some simple tips to keep your silver shinning bright and clean;

-Gently wipe off your jewelry with warm water and a soft cloth after taking it off. Regularly removing the oils left from our skin is the first and best step to maintaining the integrity of the silver.

- Remember to avoid leaving or storing your precious jewels somewhere with high humidity, like the bathroom or near windows.

-When not being worn, store your silver pieces in either ziploc bags or wrapped in an absorbent cloth like flannel, wool or felt. The cloth will help to wick moisture away from the metals.

Hope these tips help you to maintain your silver and your sanity.

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